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mini DDrink

2D retro style top down shooter, shoot masses of enemies whilst attempting to survive this strange apocalypse Explore an Asylum, City Streets and Jungle Blast your way out with a hero like ending with a Swat Tank! With Achievements and Leaderboards! This was one of my first games produced at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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Mini DDrink

Raptors Online

Massive Online Dinosaur Multiplayer! Customise your Raptors then verse other players from anywhere in the world! Choose from a multitude of weapons, skins and hats! Variety of multiplayer features, such as ping, CHAT, player list and even kicking! Fight against T-rex, Spinosaurus and a Mutant Tank Triceratops! With Jetpacks! Pickup, fly and hover over the battlefields! Fight PVP or join together in BOSS BATTLES! Cross playform between iOS, Android and Kindles! Originally made by 4 of, however has since been heavily remade and changed by myself to release it on iOS and Android
Co-makers Alex, Chris and Dave.

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Raptors Online

Disillusions Manga Horror

First Person Horror game for iOS and Android, i planned to do the whole game start to finish in less than a week. (i did)
You are a character called 'DiS' (design and name by Loz) searching for his friend whose gone missing after going to an abandoned house, where, rumour has it, a murderer lives. Graphically demanding, use of lights, sounds and high textures in order to give a beautiful horror story in the palm of your hands. Has an in-game photograph button which takes a picture and uploads it to Facebook or Twitter. (amongst many more features)
The game recently got re-made from scratch due to its popularity!
Co-Maker Loz

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Free Version
disillusionsmangahorror disillusionsmangahorror disillusionsmangahorror

Full/Pro Version
disillusionsmangahorror disillusionsmangahorror disillusionsmangahorror

Disillusions manga horror

12 Games Of Christmas

12 Games of Christmas! Exactly what it says in the title! Play 12 modern and classic arcade games with their own christmas style twist! With in game world chat, wish players a merry christmas! Leader boards to compare and compete! Your games host 'Sui' will show you around the game, beat her set scores for presents, such as layout colours and outfits! Dress up Sui! Starring: Snowman, Rudolf the reindeer, Santa Claus, Sleighs, Presents and Dancing!
Original Sui concept - Loz
Sound contribution - Rory

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12goc 12goc 12goc
12 Games of Christmas
Roller Rabbit

Roller Rabbit

Roller Rabbit is an entertaining game where you guide Mummy Rabbit by rolling her through several mazes. Avoid the holes and help her reach her babies! HUGE bonus level! 3D rabbit inside a 3D environment! Collect carrots for the babies before its too late! This was my test game, to get familiar with the publishing stores, game engine and mobile developement
- With help from Graphical Artist Laura

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Roller Rabbit Android app on Google Play rollerrabbit


Customise your Raptor with over 20 customisations! Change its skin colour and hair, now with Iron Man and Stormtrooper masks and more! Then take it for a test drive in multiple maps and missions! Raptor rpg, control your very own raptor dinosaur to complete quests and missions. Customise there appearance and more.
Another one of my first games, im hoping to remake this game in the near future as i have learnt a lot in the past year!

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RaptoRPG Android app on Google Play raptorrpg
Wacky Wobblers

Wacky Wobblers

Wacky Wobblers is a fast pace platform game where the user must avoid incoming obstacles, swipe, drag & flick to get as far as you can. Black and white, noir and snow style game. Customise your Wobbler cart and guy! Use the built in camera to see yourself as a wobbler! GameCenter leaderboard and achievements! With cross-platform highscores table!
Me and Chris made this game in just a few days for a competition
Co-Maker - Chris Roberts at

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Wacky Wobblers Android app on Google Play wackywobblers
Raptor Vs Aliens

Raptor VS Aliens

Another personal game i am making, based on my big hit Raptor RPG and Raptors Online, the game will involve weapons, aliens, shooting, and yourself, the raptor, that will save the world from the invasion. Game involves lots of fancy techniques that i've picked up over the passed year, such as active camouflage!

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Raptors vs Aliens raptor vs aliens raptor vs aliens

Eye For An Ice Cream

For this game I had been approached by acquaintances from a previous job, wanting to further develop there portfolios they believed I was the perfect guy to ask. Over the passed few weeks we have met up after University had recorded meetings, set agendas, produced games design documentation and individual asset lists.
Prepare to destroy everything in your path to get vengeance: an eye for an eye! Messy blood-splattering thrills! Take on the evil critters who brutalised Rhino's friends and took his ice cream stock! Choose from a kitchen knife, a machine gun, a deadly acorn, and more ! Develop your skill of playing in Normal, Sleep, and Rage modes
Co-makers David, Rory and Vel.

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Eye For An Ice Cream eye for an ice cream eye for an ice cream
Eye For An Ice Cream

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